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To apply for a job in Child Protection, visit

You can find out about the levels of practitioners and view their position descriptions at What roles are available?.

Before you apply, make sure that you have an up-to-date resume and academic transcripts ready to upload. Applications can take 20-30 minutes.


International recruitment and relocation

Applications from international candidates requiring sponsorship and relocation support are now closed.

If you are an international candidate with your own visa and are heading to Australia (or here already), we would welcome your application for a job in Child Protection, via

Please visit the International Recruitment and Relocation webpage for more information.


Child Protection Vacation Employment Program (VAC)

Applications for the VAC program will open mid-year 2024.

This program provides final year students with learning experiences relevant to the Victorian Child Protection Program


Recruitment process

Steps of the recruitment process - view Recruitment process text alternative Word document.

View the Recruitment process text version (Word).


After you have applied

After you apply, you may need to wait for up to four weeks before the next stage. This can be due to limited vacancies or other activities occurring in the area or office of your choice. We’ll contact you via email if there are delays.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via